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Classic Industries Transparent Valve Covers and Thermostats


Classic Industries Clear Vue Valve Covers installed - front 3q viewAnyone who has had to troubleshoot an engine problem can attest that the job would be much easier if you could see into the engine without taking it apart. Classic Industries is making that a reality by adding transparent thermostats and valve covers to its selection of engine products.

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“Transparent engine parts were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but the plastics of the day had severe limitations. They were prone to cracking and often became cloudy,” said Ray Yager, Classic Industries Merchandising Director. “Recent advances in materials, especially polycarbonates, have virtually eliminated those concerns.”

These new thermostat assemblies are manufactured from billet aluminum and heavy borosilicate glass, as used in steam boilers, and are designed to accept thermostats and restrictor plates. The valve covers are manufactured from a polycarbonate blend that will not warp, haze or become yellow over time due to heat, while causing oil to sheet after about 30 seconds, even after running at high-RPM.


“With a window into the beating heart of the vehicle, it’s easy to find and correct minor problems in valve train, cooling and oiling systems before they become major problems,” added Yager.


Classic Industries Cool-View Thermostat Housing - 2Part #        Description                                                        Part #        Description

VP2001  – Chevrolet Small Block – housing only     VP2007  – Pontiac V8 – housing only


VP2002  – Chevrolet Small Block – 180°                      VP2008  – Pontiac V8 – 180°

VP2003  – Chevrolet Small Block – 195°                      VP2009  – Pontiac V8 – 195°

VP2004  – Mopar V8 – housing only                            VP2010  – Oldsmobile V8 – housing only

VP2005  – Mopar V8 – 180°                                             VP2011  – Oldsmobile V8 – 180°


VP2006  – Mopar V8 – 195°                                             VP2012  – Oldsmobile V8 – 195°

Valve Covers

10110 – Chevrolet Small Block

10111 – Chevrolet Big Block

For more information on these products or to purchase them online, please visit or call Classic Industries toll-free at 1-855-35-PARTS (1-855-357-2787).

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