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New Engine Bearings Announced

King Engine Bearings has introduced its new catalog that contains, among other technical details, competitive interchanges for some of the world's most prestigious vehicles.
King Engine Bearings has introduced its new catalog that contains, among other technical details, new products for some of the world’s most prestigious vehicles. Hotlinks within each interchange explain the technical data and engine compatibility for each bearing part number.
King Manufacturer Interchange
CR 681CP Mercedes Benz OM 355 Mahle: 001PS10004000, NPR: 61-1056-00, FM: 6-66595CP, Glyco: 71-2549/6, KS: 87 737 600, AE: AEB6505
CR1639CP Scania DC16 OEM: 1531989, OEM: 1729992, OEM: 1785693, Glyco: 71-4861
CR4518CP Hyundai/Kia D4CB OEM: 23060-4A900, NPR: 61-2456-00, Sahin: KL 4318 LC
CR4518SM Hyundai/Kia D4CB OEM: 23060-4A900, NPR: 61-2456-00, Sahin: KL 4318 LC
CR4593CP Hyundai D4AL, D4AF OEM: ME999654, FM: 4-1600CP, Glyco: 71-4360/4, AE: AEB4657, NDC: CB-1807GP, Sahin: KL 4265 LC
CR4609AM Steyr WD 406, WD 407, WD 408 Sahin: KL 4198 SA
CR6639CP Mercedes Benz OM 407/447 OEM: 447 030 0060, NPR:61-3150-00, Glyco: 71-3099/6, KS: 87 505 600, AE: F7135616
CR6639SV Mercedes Benz OM 457/447 OEM: 447 030 0060, NPR: 61-3150-00, Glyco: 71-3637, KS: 78 901 600, Metaleve: BB-335-J
CR6752XP Nissan VQ20DE, VQ25DD, VQ30DE OEM: 12111-31U10, NDC: CB-1219GP, ACL: 6B2630H
CR6775CP Nissan VQ35DE OEM: 12111-4W000 , 12111-JA10C, KS: CB-1223GP, Clevite: CB-1857P, ACL: 6B2640H-STD
CR6777SV Mercedes Benz OM 902, OM 906 Glyco: 71-3850, KS: 77 824 600, Mahle: 001PL10264050, AE: AEB610195
CR6838SV Land Rover 2.7 TDV6 OEM: 6Q6211AA, OEM:6Q6211BA
CR6857SM Chrysler Pentastar 3.6L V6 OEM: 0518 4112 AF
CR8036CP Mercedes Benz OM 402/422 KS: 87 402 600, Glyco: 71-3009/8
MB 736CP Mercedes Benz OM 355 Mahle: 001hs10005000, NPR: 60-1006-00, FM: 6574M, KS:87 735 600, AE: AEM92472, Glyco: H818/7
MB 797CP Mercedes Benz OM 407/447 KS: 87 503 604, Metaleve: BC-400-J, Glyco: H992/7
MB4276SV Land Rover 2.7 TDV6 OEM: 5Q6331AB, OEM: 5Q6337AA, OEM: 5Q6338AB, OEM: 8Q6331AA
MB4510CP Nissan VQ40DE OEM: 12207-EA200, OEM: 1220-EA200, NDC: MS-1232GP
MB4518SI Chrysler Pentastar 3.6L V6 OEM: 0518 4088 AH-00 LOWER 1-05184105AL UPPER
MB5064CP Mercedes Benz OM 402/422/442 Mahle: 001HS10003000, OEM: 403 030 0040, Metaleve: 5BC-638-P, KS: 87 401 604, Glyco: H821
MB5651SI Hyundai D4AL, D4AF NPR: 60-2406-00, OEM: 21020-4A900, Sahin: AN 5270 SA
MB5667SI Mini Cooper W10B16A, S W11B16A OEM:,, 11.21.487.190,, 11.211.487.191
MB7099CA Mercedes Benz OM 902, OM 906, OM 962 Glyco: H067/7, KS: 77 539 600, OEM: 904 030 0740

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