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IPD DD15 Engine Rebuild Kit

This enhanced in-frame kit now includes all the head bolts, gaskets and fasteners needed for a full engine rebuild.

IPD (Industrial Parts Depot), a supplier of high-quality replacement parts for heavy-duty diesel and spark-ignited engines, has announced an upgraded in-frame kit for Detroit Diesel’s DD15. This enhanced in-frame kit now includes all the head bolts, gaskets and fasteners needed for a full engine rebuild. Earlier in 2020, IPD was the first to market releasing an in-frame kit that included IPD’s forged friction-welded steel pistons, cast iron liners, ring sets, bearings, cylinder head gasket and more. All parts are available to IPD distributors as a kit or are available separately. 

“IPD’s new product, engineering and quality assurance teams worked in overdrive this past year developing the most competitive DD15 in-frame kit in the business,” said Bill Mirth, Director of Business Development, Americas. “We knew it was important to release a top-notch product and we wanted to be first.” The in-frame kit IPD developed matched the same components that the OE Detroit offers. Over the course of the last few months, some of IPD’s best customers shared feedback that they wanted additional components, hence the enhanced kit that now includes expanded coverage for the same price. 

The launch of IPD’s updated engine kit for the DD15 attests to IPD’s commitment to providing the latest coverage in on-highway applications. “Our goal at IPD is to push ourselves to get a little better every day, often pivoting to satisfy our customers,” Michael Badar, President of IPD said. “In the case of DD15, we rose to the challenge and came back with an even stronger package offering the best quality parts and the best value.” 

For more information: www.ipdparts.com/DD15

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