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Elgin Industries’ PRO-STOCK Performance Valve Springs

Elgin Industries, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of engine and chassis components for automotive, performance, commercial vehicle, and other applications, has launched a broad new line of Elgin PRO-STOCK performance valve springs engineered specifically for General Motors LS-based engines. The new valve springs are optimized for use with Elgin PRO-STOCK performance camshafts, including the company’s legendary Sloppy Stage 2 hydraulic roller lift cam.

The new PRO-STOCK valve springs include an array of advanced features designed to ensure superior durability and valvetrain performance, including:

·       Micro-engineered surface finish for maximum durability

·       Multilayer fatigue enhancement, eliminating potential surface defects and prolonging spring life

·       Proprietary heat-treat process for added strength and optimized residual stress

·       Beehive and conical spring geometries, reducing dynamic surges for exceptional valvetrain harmonics

“Elgin PRO-STOCK has become performance engine builders’ go-to source for leading-edge valvetrain technologies for LS engines,” said Rick Simko, Elgin Industries National Sales and Marketing Manager. “This new line was developed in response to overwhelming demand for top-quality, street- and strip-proven performance springs manufactured by a trusted, US-based supplier.”

The new PRO-STOCK valve springs range includes:

            Elgin #            OD       ID        Closed                        Open               Bind    Rate

       RV-100911Q16   1.524   1.110     [email protected]         [email protected]          1.200     373

       RV-100926Q16   1.476   1.062     [email protected]         [email protected]          1.140     415

       RV-100942Q16   1.437   1.027     [email protected]         [email protected]          1.125     339

       RV-100981Q16   1.254   0.880     [email protected]         [email protected]          1.150     373

       RV-126918Q16   1.130   0.885     [email protected]         [email protected]          1.100     372

                                   1.185   0.731

For more info: https://www.elginind.com/performance/.

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