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Mahle 7.3L Godzilla PowerPak Piston Set

Available both in a 4.221” or 4.225” bore size, the new Godzilla PowerPak piston set is available wherever MAHLE Motorsport performance piston sets are sold.

The 7.3L Godzilla engine installed in Ford’s 250 and 350 Super Duty trucks is increasingly becoming a popular engine swap for drag racing and performance builds. MAHLE Motorsport, recognizing the versatility and drag race potential of Mustangs and other vehicles equipped with the Godzilla engine, added the Godzilla PowerPak piston set to its 2023 product lineup. 

This Godzilla PowerPak is ideal for added durability and reliability for any vehicle equipped with a boosted or turbocharged Godzilla engine for the track or street. The all-aluminum forged piston set features a -20.5cc crown design and is manufactured with high-strength 2618 aluminum alloy for increased detonation resistance in a lightweight slipper skirt design. Dual coated with GRAFAL skirt coating to reduce drag, scuffing, friction, and cylinder bore wear, and a phosphate dry lubricant to reduce micro-welding and pin galling, this set comes packed with extra protection for high-horsepower applications, including a hard anodized top ring groove for added protection against micro-welding for extreme-duty applications.

For added value, a 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm file fit performance ring set, high-strength 0.220W CH 171 gram wrist pins optimized for weight and round wire retaining locks are included. Available both in a 4.221” or 4.225” bore size, the new Godzilla PowerPak piston set is available wherever MAHLE Motorsport performance piston sets are sold. 

Request part number 930266421 for the 445 cubic inch engine or # 930266425 for the 446 cubic inch engine. Both piston sets are designed for a 3.975″ stroke and 6.319″ rod with only a slight difference of 1 gram in weight. 

For more information, call 888-255-1942, or visit

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