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Klotz Pure Estorlin Racing Lubricant

Multiple anti-wear additives are used to protect hardware, such as camshaft roller bearings and flat tappets.

Klotz Pure Estorlin Racing is a high-performance lubricant designed for motorsports engines. Multiple antioxidants are used to mitigate oxidation and oil thickening, even under extended periods of high oil temperatures.

Multiple anti-wear additives are used to protect hardware, such as camshaft roller bearings and flat tappets. Pure Estorlin also contains powerful dispersant/detergent package to maintain engine cleanliness and prevent high-temperature deposits such as varnish.

Dispersant/detergent package includes chemistry that activates at both low and high temperatures to protect the engine from startup to shut down. Boosted with a blend of friction modifying chemistry to lower oil temperatures and mitigate wear. Shear-stable polymers allow the lubricant to maintain its performance and viscosity under extended periods of high RPMs and high oil temperatures. High total base number (TBN) allows the formulation to neutralize crankcase acids, further protecting hardware.

This lubricant is best-suited for circle track, drag racing, sports car racing, and hot rod applications. Multiple viscosity grades are available. For more info: www.klotzlube.com

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