Herman Trend, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Companies Recruiting Ahead of the Curve

Both CareerBuilder.com and VetJobs.com have experienced an impressive up tick in the numbers of jobs listed on their sites. "Our large company clients sense that we are coming off of the floor of the recession, they are jumping out ahead of the ‘hiring tsunami’ they expect after November," said Ted Daywalt, president of VetJobs. Daywalt,

Herman Trend Alert: The Future of Social Networking

Social Networking is about "building online communities of people whoshare interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploringthe interests and activities of others." (Wikipedia) People use social networking to find jobs, source candidates, find lostloves, source materials, promote and sell products and services, andmuch more … and it’s mostly free! "Social networking is in

Herman Trend Alert: Small Businesses Will Likely Lead the Recovery

Previous Herman Trend Alerts have stated that most job creation occursin small- and medium-size businesses. While we have witnessed recentwidespread job losses, small business’ historic net job creation willmake it a key player in our economic recovery. Not surprisingly, manypeople who have not been able to find employment have chosen to go intobusiness for themselves.

Customer Engagement Today and Tomorrow

Consumers are spending less and expecting more. In the third quarter of2008, U.S. consumer spending fell by 3.1 percent, the steepest declinesince 1980. Concurrently, customer satisfaction is suffering. For thepast 18 months, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) hasalso decreased. The companies that will survive are the ones that engage theircustomers. Recently, PeopleMetrics issued its

Herman Trend Alert: Consumer Confidence Looking Up

For the fourth month in a row, The Conference Board Consumer ConfidenceIndex has increased sharply in the United States. The Index now standsat 54.9 (1985=100), up almost 35 percent from in April (40.8). TheConference Board’s Present Situation Index increased to 28.9 from 25.5last month and its Expectations Index rose to 72.3 from 51.0 in April.The