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Companies Recruiting Ahead of the Curve


Both and have experienced an impressive up tick in the numbers of jobs listed on their sites.

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"Our large company clients sense that we are coming off of the floor of the recession, they are jumping out ahead of the ‘hiring tsunami’ they expect after November," said Ted Daywalt, president of VetJobs. Daywalt, who actually posts the increases on the homepage of, told us he is seeing exponential increases from the likes of Bank of America, BNSF Railway, Northrop Grumman, American Red Cross, Home Depot, UPS and Unisys.

As of Oct. 8, had 42,745 jobs on the site. That number represents an impressive 52.91 percent over the same day last year, though Daywalt said that the typical increase is a 40 percent over the same day last year.


In the leasing industry, three of the top companies all showed more than 250 percent increases in job postings from year end 2009 levels to today, signaling a broad return to hiring for the industry leaders.

From "The Hiring Site" (a community), comes the news that "Employers are focusing their hiring efforts on filling jobs that drive revenue, evidenced by the year-over-year increase in job postings." The article cites areas with the greatest increases: business development (4 percent), sales (11 percent), marketing (40 percent), government (16 percent), education (18 percent) and interestingly, entry level (47 percent).

One note of caution: When they are ready to recruit trained, qualified people and the demand exceeds the supply, U.S. employers are in for a rude awakening. Why? Government, healthcare and energy industry Baby Boomer retirements and the significant training cutback that accompanied the recent economic slowdown.

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