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What is Saenz Performance?

Saenz products have helped win more than 100 championships worldwide, and with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and 40 in the motorsports market, Saenz stands behind its products.

International Engine Parts

Currently in the U.S., Yella Terra only sells their roller rockers, with a couple specific markets that stand out.

UK’s Motorsport Valley

British motorsport receives a tremendous boost from having a hub of specialized automotive and racing companies all clustered together in what is known now as Motorsport Valley.

Update on Oil Pumps and Pans

The best way to eliminate most oiling related issues is by selecting the right oil pump, oil pan, windage tray, and pickup tube for the application.

Why the Heavy Weights of Drag Racing Choose Light Weight Oils

Long before the oil ever enters the equation, the process to facilitate use of power-enhancing, low-viscosity oils begins with the engine builder.

A Look Inside Race Cast Engineering

Race Cast Engineering provides engineering and manufacturing services while also producing their own products.

Rebuilding Ford’s 5.0L Coyote Engine

Debuting in the 2011 model year, the Coyote is a 5.0L, naturally aspirated V8 engine featuring a dual overhead cam (DOHC) design. The Coyote’s architecture was also Ford’s first implementation of its Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TI-VCT) technology on a V8 engine.

What to Consider for Valvetrain Selection

Valvetrain components all work in conjunction to allow air or the air/fuel mixture in and exhaust gases out of the engine, and the selection process for the proper parts can be complex.

International Engine Work

We caught up with several engine builders here in the U.S. to talk about their international engine work and reasons why they think U.S. shops are getting so much international attention.

Shop Solutions June 2020

When checking rod-to-cam clearance on stroker engines, you will often find interference.

Stuck in Peru

The following story comes to us from Rottler’s David Bianchi. It’s both timely and fits the theme of our International issue for June.

Catching Up with King Engine Bearings CEO, Omer Zaslavsky

When we started here in the U.S., we were facing loyal customers of other brands. It was a huge challenge to convince them to try our bearings.