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Engine Dress Up

Engine dress up parts are like the proverbial chicken or the egg question. Did the shiny new pieces come about to enhance a stock engine? After all, pioneer hot rodders weren’t able to go to their local car part shop and pick up chrome goodies. Or did the parts evolve with the advent of modified

Piston Options and Opportunities

The sport compact market, it was thought, was going to breathe new life into the performance engine market, and  for many years, the rapid growth of the market seemed to indicate that there was no limit to how big those little engines could get. Then something happened: to quote Engine Builder columnist and performance expert

Variable Valve Timing

With all the scientific technology computing power out there in the world today I have yet to hear an answer to the age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well the automotive industry has a similar dilemma that continues to plague its existence. Which is more desirable, large displacement and horsepower

Putting the Pressure On High Power Cleaning Systems

Despite these automated times in which we live today, many shops still use manual cleaning systems to hand-clean each engine component piece by piece. This may seem slow and tedious to some, but for others it’s necessary quality control in order to remove all of the hidden particles that can cause damage to an engine

Diesel Engine Technology: Emissions Control

Good news! You won’t be faced with any new engine technology in acouple of years. While engine makers are planning on using variousmeans to qualify their products for the enhanced emissions regulationsthat will take effect in 2010, all will use technologies long proven onthe road. Most manufacturers, especially those with European ties, haveindicated that they

How to Select Your First TIG Welder

TIG welding is frequently used for highly cosmetic applications or those involving thinner metals that require strict heat control. This process is becoming more popular as technology improves and more welding applications, such as exotic metals, require TIG welding. Selecting the right TIG welding machine for your application is easy if you follow the right

Final Wrap: Times May Be Tough But So Are You

If you’re one of those types who always starts reading in the back because you know that’s where the best stuff is found, I congratulate you on your insight. And, normally, I’d agree with you – but in this case I have to say, “don’t forget to read the front of the magazine – it

2009 Engine Builder Buyers Guide Listings

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Profitable Performance:

Last year I wrote the first in a series of articles looking for Profits in Performance (see May 2008 Engine Builder, page 59). I discussed a series of plans to combat “walk-in parts,” and offered suggestions to train your customers to trust your expertise in engine building and component matching to achieve the best engine

Building Engines for the Street and Strip

A lot of engine builders who sell crate engines as well as custom engines promote “street/strip” engine packages. The implication here is that such engines will run well on the street and still be competitive on the drag strip. These engines are typically rated anywhere from 450 hp up to 650 hp for small blocks,

19th AETC: New Theme Is A Winner

You can always expect to do a fair share of “bench racing” while sitting around the breakfast and lunch table at the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC). This year did not disappoint. Held just before the PRI Trade Show on December 8-10, 2008, at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, the 19th AETC nearly doubled its

Machine Maintenance: Be Straight With Your Jobs By Being Level With Your Machines

Before we get into the meat of this article, let me say thanks to all the fine folks who sent pictures of their shop pets in machine shops around the world. There are some good-looking shop pets out there. Let Me Level With You! Are we on the level? Are you half a bubble off?