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Allison Power

In December, we discussed the use of Allison engines – originally designed for use in WWII fighter planes – in watercraft applications. Now, we’ll pick up the story of these versatile powerplants finding success on dry land.

Building for Biodiesel

Some people have a negative view of biodiesel. They say it gums up the fuel pump and injectors. They say it gels in cold weather. They say it’s diverting food resources to make fuel. They say it’s too expensive and can’t compete economically with conventional No. 2 diesel fuel. Then they hear that diesel engines burning biodiesel are winning pulling championships, drag races and setting new land speed records. Maybe biodiesel isn’t so bad after all.

Rebuilding the Ford 6.4L Power Stroke

For the 2008 MY Ford Super Duty pickup, a new engine, the 6.4L Powerstroke would emerge. But, how much is really known about the engine? The 6.4L engine was very short lived and only offered until 2010. Engine Builder takes a deeper dive into the 6.4L Power Stroke engine.

High Performance Diesel Crankshafts, Connecting Rods & Pistons

Most stock Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke engines can safely handle cranking up the turbo boost to produce 500 to 600 or more horsepower. But once you get to get up around 700 to 800 horsepower in an otherwise stock motor, things start to break and upgrades will be necessary.

Diesel Oils Will Soon Be Changing

With May’s Engine Builder focusing on performance diesel engine technology, it’s the perfect time to alert you of two new diesel engine oil performance categories that will appear on the market in 2017. These new categories are the direct result of our federal government asking diesel engine builders and truck manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Performance Diesel Upgrades

Why should you offer more when rebuilding a diesel engine? Because any shop can rebuild the OEM block or buy a direct replacement. However, rebuilding a diesel engine with slight power modifications will get you more customers and offer you higher profits because of the modifications made that not everyone can do or has the knowledge to do.

Shop Solutions June 2015

In our shop we do a variety of cylinder heads for late-model diesel trucks. On jobs like 6.0L Fords, 5.9L Cummins or 6.6L Duramax diesels our customers often install ARP studs as an improved fastener. ARP highly suggests that the studs be re-torqued after the engine is run for the first time.