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Building on Cummins B-Series

Changes from the 5.9L to the 6.7L Engine When you think about a Dodge truck, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I will give you a hint: Cummins. Dodge introduced the B-series Cummins engine in the Dodge truck in 1989. It’s not like they had to convince consumers that the Cummins engine

Performance Rocker Arms

Pushrod engines new and old are still a hot topic. Overhead cams have been used in many European and Asian engines for years, so when Ford opted to go the overhead cam route with their 4.6L V8 engine, some predicted pushrod ­engines were on their way out. But, GM stuck with the pushrod design for

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: September 2013

Authors of Shop Solutions published in each issue of Engine Builder Magazine are awarded a prepaid $100 Visa gift card. Shop Solutions may also be submitted to [email protected]. Cylinder Sleeve Flange Failures May Go Unnoticed Cylinder sleeve flange failures may go unnoticed if the sleeve body stays in position, but if it is pulled down

Future of Engine Building: Industry Forecast

The more things change, the more they stay the same As we entered into the new millennium, the industry had an optimistic, yet cautious outlook as to what the future held for the production engine remanufacturers and custom engine rebuilders. When we asked various industry insiders this month to look into their crystal spheres, past

Future of Engine Building: Converting the Masses

Rebuilding Diesel Engines to Run on Natural Gas Engine builders often get requests to convert a stock engine into a performance powerplant. Or to take a modest diesel tractor engine rated at 2,200 horsepower and transform it into a smoke-bellowing pulling machine at 6,000 horsepower. However, in our third installment on the future of engine

Star Date 2025 Closer to Reality

Hold on, because some industry experts predict a bumpy ride ahead By Dave Sutton In 11 years – 2025 – the industry will still exist, but might be as much as 50 percent smaller, with fewer repair shops, machine shops and wholesale distributors, according to some industry professionals I recently surveyed. Their overall consensus was

Future of Engine Building: The Road Ahead for Machining

The future always seemed so far away for some reason. You had cartoons featuring flying cars and movies about aliens and galaxies far, far away.