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Indy Cylinder Head’s Supercharged 588 cid Hemi Engine

We’ve been following Indy Cylinder Head and the engine work Ken Lazzeri for quite some time. We got a chance to speak with Ken on the final day of the PRI show when he was kind enough to walk us through the details of several of the engines they had on display, including this bracket

Ken Lazzeri Hemi Engine
Naturally Aspirated 800+ HP 540 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

We got a chance to visit with our pal Halston Harrist of H Squared Racing Engines in Houston, TX earlier in the year. Not only did he show us around the shop, but we got to hear the details of one of his latest engine builds – a 540 cubic inch big block Chevy that’ll

H Squared big block Chevy engine
IRD Racing K4 Series Custom Carburetors

From Mega Trucks, Super Cat Class Poker Run boats, to all out drag racing, this carburetor can handle whatever is thrown at it.

Holley HP 830 CFM Aluminum Carburetor

This carburetor features gold dichromate finish for corrosion resistance, optimized race calibration, contoured venturri inlet, screw-in air bleeds for precision tuning capabilities and more.

Are Carburetors Still Relevant in High-Performance Racing Engines?

Carburetors have been forced to evolve in order to remain relevant as engine builders continue to push the limits on horsepower. This has given rise to truly custom carburetors to compliment custom engines.

Edelbrock Off-Road Performance Carburetors

The AVS2 Off-Road Carb comes in two versions: Part #1915 with a manual choke, and Part #1916 with an electric choke. Both versions are 650 CFM, have a satin finish and are non-EGR.

Brawler 600 CFM Side Hung Bowl Carburetors

Brawler has announced the release of 600 CFM Side Hung Bowl Carburetors, which feature a simple one-fuel-line connection and universal throttle levers to accommodate Ford automatic transmission kickdowns and GM 700-R4 mounting holes.

Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carburetor

Edelbrock has announced the AVS2 Series as the next generation of their carburetor product line. The AVS2 carburetor features annular flow primary boosters with a new calibration for improved off-idle and cruising performance.

Edelbrock Offers Rebate with Carburetor or Manifold Purchase

Edelbrock has announced the “Genuine Edelbrock” promotion. Consumers will receive a $25.00 rebate with the proof of purchase on any Edelbrock carburetor or intake manifold, for a combined rebate of $50.00 when purchased together.

Edelbrock’s “Top It Off” Promotion Is Back

Edelbrock has announced its Top It Off consumer promotion. Participating consumers can get a free Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS Carburetor when they purchase a new Power Package Top End Kit between October 1 – December 31, 2015.

Holley Ultra XP 2bbl Carburetor for E85 Fuel

Holley’s Ultra XP 2bbl carburetor designed for E85 fuel continues to improve upon the original 0-4412 2bbl that has been successful on circle tracks for decades. It has an abundance of new features and improvements starting with the aluminum construction for a 50 percent weight savings when compared to the zinc version.

FE Dyno Pulls Show Benefits of Carburetors and EFI

We intended to dyno the engine two ways: first, we wanted to break the engine in and fine-tune it with a carburetor. Then, we would convert the engine over to fuel injection and compare power differences. This would be a great opportunity for a real-world comparison.