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EngINtel: Practical Builder Tips To Common Questions

Since you all indulged me last month with editorial musings, thismonth will be a couple of Practical Builder Tips (PBTs) that shouldkeep you out of hot water from time to time. They’re somewhat genericbut have been popping their ugly heads in all types of engines and theyhave no manufacturer preference so no one is immune.

More Ammunition For The Ongoing War On 4.6L/5.4L Ford Engine Misinformation

If there is a war being waged in the automotive aftermarket right now, it is one of information. More precisely, it is too often the fact that victims are suffering because of the lack thereof. Be it the “Right to Repair Act,” casting proliferation or parts proliferation, what we need to know is all changing

EngINtel: A Stack of Gifts Almost as Satisfying as Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

At this time of year, let me be the first one to to give you a gift – and it’s one you’ll  likely use again and again. Many of you may have not seen this issue, but once it bites you, you will always remember the Nissan KA24 engine series in the SOHC configuration. So