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Engine Builder Live! Tech Q&A with Total Seal Piston Rings

Live Tech Q&A with Keith Jones of Total Seal Piston Rings.

Live Stream Tech Q&A

Join us for a Zoom meeting where you can ask Keith all your questions about honing, blow-by and of course, piston rings.

MAHLE Aftermarket Enters the Performance Piston Ring Market

MAHLE Performance rings are available through MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. and are now offered in a new performance package.

Mahle Ford 2008-’10 6.4L Ceramic Coated Piston and Rings

This is not a modified Ford piston, nor an aftermarket coated piston – these are cast machined and ceramic/Teflon coated pistons built by Mahle in the factory.

Total Seal HSS High Performance Diesel 2.0mm High Speed Top Rings

Total Seal has announced new 2.0mm Rectangular High Speed Steel (HSS) Top rings for Diesel aftermarket high performance pistons. Rectangular rings offer superior ring seal and decreased blow-by when compared to OE style Keystone rings.

Hastings LS and Diesel Engine Piston Rings

The LS piston ring offerings cover high demand engines with state-of-the-art piston ring materials and coatings/surface treatments. The diesel truck offerings represent a majority of the USA diesel engines in demand.

Total Seal AP Ring Sets for GM 5.3L LS/LT Engines

Total Seal has announced AP ring sets for the popular GM 5.3L LS/LT engines. Available in gapless or conventional style, these new AP’s are great options for power adder applications.

Piston Ring Selection

Through the proper selection of style, size and material, rings prevent blowby by sealing against the groove in the piston as well as against the cylinder wall. They should be as flat as possible, fit the piston grooves as tightly as possible, have the least amount of end gap that the engine can safely tolerate, and be as conformable as possible to seal against the cylinder wall.

Speed-Pro Pro-Metric Performance Piston Rings

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has introduced a broad new series of Speed-Pro metric-sized piston rings that help enhance the power and performance of oval track and drag racing engines by reducing rotating mass and cylinder wall drag.

ARP Ring Squaring Tools

ARP’s Performance R&D division has just released six new dual size Ring Squaring tools designed to make fitting piston rings as accurate as possible.

Hastings Manufacturing Merges with Piston Rings Komarov

Hastings Manufacturing Company and Piston Rings Komarov, two leading designers and manufacturers of piston rings for the OEM and Aftermarket channels, have announced their merger.

ARP Piston Ring Squaring Tools

Setting a ring absolutely perpendicular to the bore is assured through use of the ARP Squaring Tool, which registers on the block deck. This is far more accurate than using a piston or other device that can rock in the bore and place the ring at an angle.