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Upgrading the Image of ‘Rebuilt’

In conjunction with Babcox Media’s 100th anniversary in 2020, all of our great, automotive publications received a facelift this month.

Who Doesn’t Love a Little Recognition?

In my opinion, there are only a small handful of feelings greater than that of being recognized for good, hard work. In my time at Engine Builder magazine, I’ve seen few people who are more passionate, harder working and more deserving of getting overdue recognition than the engine builders around this country.

A Wo(man)’s World

We’ve made a conscious effort to give the women of this industry recognition for the great things they are doing in this industry, and it starts with the July 2019 issue of Engine Builder.

Are You One of America’s Best Engine Shops?

Through a special online portal,, engine builders can nominate themselves or others can nominate engine building businesses for the award. A winner in each category – Race, Vintage and Diesel – will be chosen and recognized at an awards celebration before the PRI Show, in the pages of Engine Builder magazine and online at The question remains, are you one of America’s Best Engine Shops?

Sensory Overload

The same way these races can overwhelm your senses, here at Engine Builder, we too are delivering content for all five senses! Well, maybe with the exception of taste.

A Fresh Start

April has been a bit of a whirlwind month for Engine Builder magazine and for me in particular.