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Xceldyne High-Performance Valvetrain Components

Collaborative engineering allows Xceldyne to partner with customers to identify unique opportunities for improved performance.

Ferrea Valve Seals

Ferrea valve seals are made of rubber compound material for intake application and special hi-temp compound for exhaust application.

Victory 1 Performance Titanium Valves

Victory’s titanium valves have been a mainstay in the racing industry for over two decades in applications such as drag, dirt, oval, marine, karting, Formula 1, road racing, and more.

Choosing a Valve Spring Compressor

In this Goodson Tech Lab Tuesday video, Davy Monyhan talks about and demonstrates the larger valve spring compressors in the Goodson line. He talks about both manual and pneumatic units.

Goodson compressors
Manley Pro Flo Valves

Manley Pro Flo valve designs are available in the Severe Duty series of stainless steel valves, the “Race Flo” for moderate competition and the economical “Street Flo” models.

Stanadyne Corrosion-Resistant Inlet Metering Valve

The Stanadyne valve design allows for quick customization of both mechanical and electrical interfaces, is cost-competitive, and offers a robust direct replacement for both diesel engine service and aftermarket.

VTA T9465 Blow Off Valve For Ford Ranger 2.3 EcoBoost

Made in Australia for legendary performance, with a great Blow Off Sound! Not just a noise-maker, get improved performance too!

Goodson Valve Lapping Compound

If you have a particularly stubborn dowel pin you’re trying to remove, you can add a dab of lapping compound then use your dowel pin puller to extract it. 

Goodson Valve Lapping
Checking Valve-to-Piston Clearance

Previously, Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance explained how to degree your camshaft. Now he goes into more detail on checking your valve-to-piston clearance.

Manley Expands “Extreme Duty” Inconel Exhaust Valve Offerings

Manley’s Extreme Duty valves have been a mainstay of drag racing’s top Pros for decades.

Degreeing a Camshaft & Checking Valve-to-Piston Clearance

In this highly anticipated video, Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance clears up some common confusion surrounding what goes into degreeing a camshaft and properly checking valve-to-piston clearance.

Adjusting Valve Lash on Diesels

Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance gets a lot of inquiries about valve lash, so he decided to make an episode of LinCo Lessons dedicated to it.