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Erson Titanium Valves

These valves were meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-performance racing applications.

Erson Cams has introduced a cutting-edge line of titanium racing valves. These valves were meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-performance racing applications.

Key features include:

One Piece Forged Construction: Crafted from aerospace-grade titanium, Erson valves are exceptionally lightweight, strong, and durable. This not only reduces valvetrain weight, but also enhances durability under extreme conditions.

Precision Machining: Each valve undergoes precision machining to ensure consistent dimensions and exceptional quality. This precision results in optimal valve sealing, even at high rpms.

Steel Tip: A hardened steel stem tip prevents galling and increases wear resistance.

Radius Keeper Groove: Radial-style grooves are found in most high-end racing engines from NASCAR to Formula 1. The rounded interface between the valve lock and the valve helps to soften the impact of the lock on the valve during uncontrolled valve events, and in general use, reduces wear on the valve up to 30-percent.

Chromium Nitride Coated: To improve lubricity and wear resistance, Erson Ti valves feature a specialized coating that extends longevity and performance in the most challenging racing environments.

Enhanced Performance: Erson racing valves are designed to maximize airflow and combustion efficiency, contributing to increased horsepower and torque. The improved heat resistance of titanium also ensures consistent performance under extreme conditions.

Multiple Valve Head Profiles: Erson offers a variety of valve head profiles to suit different engine configurations and performance goals, from flat-faced to radius-faced valves.

Compatibility: Erson titanium racing valves are compatible with a specific range of high performance cylinder heads.

Performance Gains: Racers and engine builders can expect significant performance gains, whether you’re in the world of drag racing, circuit racing, or even off-road competitions.

Visit Erson at PRI in booth #1443, Green Hall. For more information: 800-641-7920 or

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