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Back when GM introduced the "J" cars in 1982, the original 1.8L pushrod motor was not very exciting. Chevy quickly upgraded it to a 2.0L for the Cavalier, but the other divisions (Buick, Olds and Pontiac) had already found something better. They imported the Brazilian-made 1.8L OHC engine that was originally designed for the German Opel and used it in their "J" cars.

There were both turbo and non-turbo versions used from 1982 through

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Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson

Manager of Technical Services at Grooms Engines
Doug Anderson is Manager of Technical Services for Grooms Engines, located in Nashville, TN. He has authored numerous technical articles on engine rebuilding for Engine Builder magazine for more than 20 years. Anderson has also made many technical presentations on engine building at AERA and PERA conventions and seminars.