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MAHLEClevite Inc. announces the release of its new MAHLE Original LightVehicle Piston Catalog (PI-20-09), featuring more than 600 new partnumbers. In addition, the new catalog uses a brand-new, user-friendlylayout for quick and easy reference to diagrams, make/model indexes andmore.

In connection with the new MAHLE Clevite brand strategy,the catalog introduces the new MAHLE Original part numbering system,translating the previous Clevite numbering system into the new MAHLEOriginal part numbers. In addition, the new catalog features competitornumbers to contribute to the catalog functionality.

“The newMAHLE Original Piston Catalog serves as the first step in helping todevelop a first rate piston offering,” said David Garmenn, engine partsteam leader, MAHLE Clevite Inc. “The catalog provides a guide totranslate the previous Clevite part numbering system into the new MAHLEOriginal numbers, as well as a guide that clarifies the old MAHLEpiston numbers into the new MAHLE Original program. The catalog’s partnumbering system is an ideal way to ease the brand transition.”

For more information on MAHLE Original pistons and the full line of MAHLE Clevite brands, visit, or contact your local sales representative.


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