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Dynojet Research Chassis Dyno Model 424xLC2

Dynojet's 424xLC2 chassis dyno measures up to 2,000 hp / 2,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and 200 mph for all popular AWD vehicles today.

The 424xLC2 is a versatile AWD chassis dyno that offers unparalleled features. At any time you can operate the dyno in inertia-only mode for assessing gains from bolt-on modifications or utilize the dual eddy current absorbers for advanced load testing. The wheelbase is adjustable with the touch of a button and can handle all popular AWD vehicles on the road today.

Along with offering the precise control from the eddy current load absorption units, the system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums with Speed Balance Technology. You can also easily upgrade to the 424 LINX System at any time for a complete, all-in-one testing solution.

• Measures up to 2,000hp/2,000ft-lbs torque and 200mph
• Tests vehicles in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive modes, bi-directional rotation
• Two Eddy Current Load Absorption Units for performing loaded tests, including step, sweep, and closed loop
• Above-Ground or Pit installation accessories included
• Consists of two Model 224xlc chassis dynamometers
• NEW PowerCore software suite with WinPEP 8 to interface (PC, printer, etc. not included)
• NEW DynoWare RT dynamometer electronics and hardware
• 2 Channels of Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, humidity)
• 4 Analog Input Channels for 0-5v sensors (sensors and cables not included)
• 14 expansion ports for DynoWare RT accessories and DJ-CAN devices
• Air Actuated Brake System
• 10 button sample pendant for software and dyno control
• Ignition wire inductive tachometer pickup leads
• Electronically controlled wheelbase adjustment from (standard 88” – 130” or optional 98” to 140”)
• Auto Tie Down Package (straps, ratchets and ground hooks) Wheel Chocks
• Installation and operation manuals
• Toll-free technical support
• Dynojet Owner’s Technical Forum – www.winpep.com
• Two Year Warranty and unlimited lifetime technical support

• Maximum Horsepower/Torque 2000+ hp/2000+ ft. lbs
• Maximum Speed 200 Mph/322 Kph
• Drum adjustable wheelbase from
• STANDARD 88 in/224 cm to 130 in/330 cm
• OPTIONAL 98 in/249 cm to 140 in/356 cm
• Drums 2
• Drum Diameter 24 in/61 cm
• Drum Width 81 in/205 cm
• Maximum Axle Weight 3000 lbs/1361 kg per axle
• Air Requirements 100 psi
• Operating Temp Range 32 to 158 F/0 to 70 C
• Timing Accuracy +/-1 microsecond
• Drum Speed Accuracy +/-1/100th Mph
• RPM Accuracy +/-1/10th RPM
• Power Requirements 120 volt, 15amp, single phase and (2x) 240 Volt, 30amp, single phase

For more info: http://www.dynojet.com/products/dynamometers/DynoModel424xLC2/dynojet-dynamometer-424xLC2.aspx

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