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Special procedures to follow when working with Ford BSD engines


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Q: Are there any special procedures to follow when working with Ford BSD engines?

A: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding the crankshaft dynamic balancer on Ford BSD four cylinder diesel engines. The engines that are affected are the BSD 442, 442T, 444 and 444T. The 442 series engines are 256 cubic inches, and the 444 series engines are 268 cubic inch engines.

These four-cylinder engines utilize a crankshaft driven balancer designed to reduce unbalance forces and engine vibrations. The balancer assembly consists of a housing that is attached to the bottom of the cylinder block containing a drive gear and a driven gear. To correctly assemble the balancer gears, align the timing marks together as shown in Figure 1.


There were two different balancer gear widths used on this engine. The original gear widths on the balancer gears were 12.5mm. The revised gear widths have changed to 15mm. This change went into effect Sept. 4, 1986. When components are replaced, do not intermix gear widths.

When installing the balancer assembly case onto the cylinder block, line up the timing marks on the balance drive gear with the crankshaft gear timing mark as shown in Figure 2. Failure to do so could result in the balancer assembly not counteracting any vibrations in the engine.


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