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APRA Releases Remanufacturing Book


APRA President Bill Gager, announced today the release of a new 122 page book, Remanufacturing Automotive Mechatronics & Electronics, by Fernand J. Weiland.

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Weiland, Chairman of APRA’s Electronics & Mechatronics Division, organized and edited this book to inform the remanufacturing community on the upcoming product changes and encourage them to embrace these new technologies. Weiland stated, “These changes are not a threat but an opportunity.”

Sections of the book include:

  • “Selected and Applied Test and Diagnosis Methods for Remanufacturing Automotive Mechatronics and Electronics,” by Stefan Freiberger, University Bayreuth
  • “Sustainable Development by Reusing Used Automotive Electronics,” by Fernand Weiland, FJW Consulting
  • “Remanufacturing of Mechatronic and Electronic Modules for Transportation Vehicles –  Challenges and Opportunities,” by Rex Vandenberg, Injectronics Australia Pty Ltd
  • “Research of Internet & Scientific Databases on Reusing and Inspection of Used Electronics” by Fernand Weiland, FJW Consulting
  • Remanufacturing Electronic Control Modules – Evolution in Progress,” by Joseph Kripli, Flight Systems Electronics Group
  • Copies of this new book are available from APRA for $35 (shipping included). Order your copies today by calling 703-968-2772, ext. 105, emailing [email protected] or faxing APRA Headquarters at 703 968-2878.


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