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Engine Builder Magazine to Co-Sponsor International BIG R Show


Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) and its Heavy Duty
Remanufacturing Group (HDRG) have announced the addition of Engine Builder
magazine as a co-sponsor of the International BIG R Show. APRA’s BIG R
Show will be in Las Vegas on Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, just prior to the AAPEX
and SEMA Shows.

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Bill Gager, president of APRA said in announcing Engine Builder’s
co-sponsorship, “It makes sense to have the pre-eminent publication for
the engine rebuilding market as a co-sponsor of the International BIG R
Show. Engine Builder reaches and is read by all the most
important buying influences in the engine remanufacturing/rebuilding,
parts and equipment market, which is a target audience for this year’s
remanufacturing exposition. We look forward to working with the people
at Engine Builder magazine and Babcox Media Inc. in developing this new engine emphasis at the International BIG R Show.”

Program content for seminars is currently being explored by a steering
committee of diesel engine component suppliers and
remanufacturers/distributors. The BIG R Show will provide a venue for
the diesel engine remanufacturers and suppliers to meet and network
among their peers. There will be specific seminars for diesel engine
remanufacturers/rebuilders on Oct. 30 and the show will contain a
special diesel engine exhibitor’s section. The diesel engine exhibit
and programs will provide information, products and services for all
types of diesel engine applications from automotive to heavy duty, and
from commercial, industrial and over-the-road to performance markets.


Dave Wooldridge, publisher of Engine Builder magazine,
said, “The over-the-road truck portion of the diesel engine business
has been hard hit by the recession over the past two years, but we are
beginning to see business recovery. There are also niche areas within
diesel markets that have weathered the storm and offer growth. Custom
and production engine remanufacturers/rebuilders are exploring and
participating in many more diesel market opportunities that offer
profitable sales on both shop work and replacement parts. And, as the
market continues to recover, this show will help provide a head start
for those participating in new as well as traditional diesel engine
rebuilding and parts sales opportunities. We look forward to helping to
promote the sales, educational and networking opportunities offered
through the Diesel Engine Program and Exhibit Section of this year’s
International BIG R Show.”



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