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Liberty Engine Parts To Host AERA Regional Conference March 26


Along with the outlined technical programs, Engine Builders Association (AERA) is inviting leading manufacturers of engine building/rebuilding tools, supplies, services, parts and machinery to attend this conference. These suppliers will have table-top displays that will be accessible during the conference. AERA says that meeting these suppliers in a relaxed atmosphere is a great way to begin lifelong relationships that will help you prosper.

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The lineup of technical sessions include:

Session 1:

Race Engine Bearings – Selection & Technology

Presented By Bill McKnight, MAHLE Clevite Engine Parts – A look at bearing film thickness and how clearances influence it. Learn about crush, parting line relief and eccentricity. Coatings, overlay materials and bearing prep will also be discussed. Finally, McKnight will talk about installation and how to identify different factors that can cause bearing distress. The attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and may bring used bearings to the presentation for analysis.

Session 2:

PRO-SIS SA Engine Specification Software

Presented By Steve Fox, AERA – Fox will introduce you to PRO-SIS SA engine specification software. This new and improved software will now allow you to search for engines, specs and bulletins more effectively and efficiently. A new "Special Search" section (Rod Housing Bore, Part and Bore Size) is just one of the many new features which will be demonstrated in this session.


Session 3:

The Science Behind Engine Oil & Lubricants

Presented By Tom Bogner, Lucas Oil Products – Bogner’s topic will be about the use and development of racing oil with an emphasis on why you need an oil with such high zinc levels. Bogner also helped develop the Zinc additive

Session #4:

Engine Blocks & Cylinder Heads – Maximum Horsepower

Presented By Ted "Bud" Keating, Dart Machinery – Keating will discuss the features and benefits of Dart blocks and cylinder heads. Emphasis will be on the company’s approach to design and manufacturing, and the resulting gains in power and durability of engines which utilize these components. Dart has been a leading manufacturer of racing and performance engine components for three decades.


For more information about the Tech & Skills Conference or if you would like to register, contact AERA at 888-326-2372. You may also download the registration form at

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