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S.A.M. Wins Engine Masters Challenge Street Division with Holley EFI Ford Small Block


The School of Automotive Machinists team (SAM), led by instructor Chris Bennett, brought a 435 cid small block Ford topped with Holley’s Dominator Throttle body, Holley Avenger EFI in the Street division. This basic engine combination has proven to be one to watch, and team SAM showed that it had the skill and experience to excel.

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Final preparations were made to the Holley Avenger EFI system, and the engine fired to life. The warm-up pull proved to be an eye opener, as the powerful Ford turned the dials. With Chris working the tune, power was found with each subsequent qualifying pull, adding to an already strong baseline. The engine produced a peak of 686 horsepower, wowing the fans with a score of 2471.2, for a first place position in the current street standings.

Linda and Judson Massingil of SAM were justifiably thrilled with the results of Chris’ first Engine Masters Challenge as team leader, though he has been heavily involved every year.

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