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“The Technology Behind the Multi-Lobe Camshaft” Seminar Announced for PRI


On Friday, November 30, COMP Valve Train Engineering Group Leader Billy
Godbold will host a free seminar entitled "The Technology Behind The
Multi-Lobe Camshaft." 

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Fresh off their win in the "Best Performance: Street Product" category at the 2012 SEMA Show, COMP Cams 4-Pattern Camshafts will be featured at the PRI Trade Show in Orlando, FL.

Godbold, the man behind the introduction of the NASCAR-derived 4-Pattern Cams, will explain to attendees how different lobe patterns on a single camshaft optimize the air ingested in an engine and avoid valves closing too soon or too late.

The seminar will be held Friday from 1-2 pm in meeting room S230F of the Orange County Convention Center.



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