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iNTECH Intakes for C5 Corvette

Holley has announced the release of two new products from iNTECH Cold Air Intakes – expanded coverage of C5 Generation Corvettes with new designs, intake covers and cleaning product.

iNTECH’s line of cold-air intakes has expanded to include coverage for all year ranges of C5 Generation Chevy Corvettes. With two new offerings, the 1997-2000 and 2001-2004 models can benefit from increased performance and unrivaled good looks (especially when paired with the optional Carbon Fiber cover).

Styled to match the rest of the engine compartment and developed exclusively for 5.7L LS1-powered C5s, they boost horsepower by as much as 22.4 and torque by as much as 19.6 foot-pounds across a wide power band. A unique dual-filter “hammerhead” style intake tube delivers maximum air flow and velocity, and two huge, washable, reusable high-flow four-layer dry-air filters eliminate the need for filter oils that can damage MAF sensors and set off “check engine” lights. The air-filter media is constructed with an inner and outer aluminum mesh that prevents filter deformation and rust, a silicone bellows-style coupler at the throttle-body connection makes it easy to use nitrous plates or throttle-body spacers without cutting the tube, and factory mounting locations and emissions controls ensure a hassle-free installation. 
1997-2000 Chevy Corvette iNTECH Cold Air Intake
Holley’s new intake system produced a gain of 22.4 horsepower and 19.6 lb./ft. of torque with excellent performance across the board. The large, high flow air filters are washable, reusable and constructed of 4-layers of dry filter material, which do not require usage of filter oils. Filters are easily cleaned using iNTECH’s synthetic formula that removes dirt and grime to restore your filters back to maximum performance and like new condition. For full product details, click here.
2001-2004 Chevy Corvette iNTECH Cold Air Intake
Holley’s new intake system produced a gain of 15.3 horsepower and 16.1 lb./ft. of torque with excellent performance across the board. Customers can also pair these intakes with an optional carbon fiber cover, to add race inspired styling to the engine compartment of their Corvette. For full product details, click here.
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