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King Engine Bearings’ 2020-2021 Race Application Guide

The new race catalog includes the newest developments from 2019 such as Top Fuel, Pro Mod, motorcycle, powersports, and polymer coated applications.

King Engine Bearings starts the upcoming racing season with a brand new race application guide. It serves as a comprehensive catalog for all of King’s racing applications. The new race catalog includes the newest developments from 2019 such as Top Fuel and Pro Mod applications, motorcycle and powersports applications, King’s latest polymer coated applications for domestic and import engines, and more.

“King is focused on developing new applications every year”, says Limor Karpatkin, King’s vice president of sales, adding that “this year we have expanded to new platforms such as Top Fuel and powersports; in both we are presenting new materials and geometry features that don’t exist in the market today.”

New in the 2020-’21 King Race Application Guide:

• GPC – a silver based material, designed to exceed the load capacity of upcoming new engines and highly tuned existing engines. The GPC tri-metal material handles 17,000 PSI compared to available race materials that peak at 11,000 PSI. Applications include BMW N47 & S65, diesel performance, V8 sprint cars and more.

• TFC – a specially constructed and coated engine bearing line developed for Top-Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Mod applications. Designed to preserve the surrounding engine parts under extreme conditions.

• pMaxKote – King’s unique polymer matrix solution for dealing with wear resistance and periods of marginal lubrication. Now with dozens of new applications.

Following in-depth research on performance powersports engine needs, King’s 2020-’21 Race Application Guide introduces its high performance powersports engine bearing line.

King’s Powersports line utilizes pMaxBlack construction and a smart wall thickness design with graded tolerances to preserve the exacting hydrodynamic regime required by high RPMs. They are available in five grades of STD, thicker and thinner, to produce less or more clearance, as well as five grades of 0.25mm to fit ground/resized crankshafts. These bearings are perfectly suited for both on-track competition and touring/cruising riders.

The Powersports bearings are now available for Hayabusa, Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki ZX-14/R.

You can download the guide here:

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