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Two New Performance Products from Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants


Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants has announced the addition of two new products to its growing line of performance products.

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RATMAN “The Juice” Diesel Cetane + Power is a concentrated formula that increases both the torque and the horsepower of your diesel engine, allowing you to take full advantage of your tuner potential. It not only significantly increases the cetane value of your fuel, it’s oxygenated formulation allows for a more complete combustion giving you more power from every stroke. This product also provides much needed lubricity to protect your injectors and pumps from scarring, which is even more critical with today’s ultra low sulfur fuels. It also contains fuel system cleaning additives to keep the injectors flowing at their maxium capacity, allowing you to take full advantage of the power potential of your diesel engine.

RATMAN “The Juice” Boost Octane + Power is a high performance octane enhancing product that will allow your performance engine to unleash it’s full potential. Using the same technology as our high performance racing fuels, this product not only provides the octane needed, it provides combustion enhancing chemistry along with fuel system cleaners that ensures your engine runs cooler, cleaner, and more consistent. Whether you need to wind up the RPMs or crank up the boost, RATMAN “The Juice” Boost Octane + Power has you covered.

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