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Aeromotive Phantom Series Drop-In Fuel Pump for Mustangs

Direct drop-in Phantom fuel pump modules are easy to install in 2011-2017 Ford Mustangs and deliver the proper amount of fuel for high-performance street and racing applications.


Aeromotive, a manufacturer of aftermarket fuel systems and accessories, has introduced new direct drop-in fuel pump modules for 2011-2017 Ford Mustangs, excluding GT500 models. Phantom Series fuel pump modules are compatible with factory plastic fuel tanks; are available in single, dual and triple fuel pump configurations; and come preassembled for a quick installation. 

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Aeromotive’s Phantom Series direct drop-in fuel pump modules for Ford Mustangs feature a factory-sized outlet cap to maintain fitment with the OEM fuel tank and lock ring. Compatible with both gas and E85 ethanol, these pumps are available in single, dual and triple pump configurations with flow rates of 340 liters per hour or 450 liters per hour.

Available configurations include a single 450 liters-per-hour pump, which supports up to 700 horsepower; dual 340 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 1,295 horsepower; dual 450 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 1,500 horsepower; and triple 450 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 2,300 horsepower. The dual 450 liters-per-hour pump module can also be easily upgraded to triple pumps by installing an additional 450 liters-per-hour fuel pump to the existing bulkhead. All horsepower numbers are based on EFI-forced induction gas applications. 

Each configuration is also offered as a complete kit, including a fuel filter, a fuel pressure gauge and the recommended fuel pressure regulator based on flow rate. Kits do not include plumbing or electrical components to complete the installation.


In conjunction with the factory plastic fuel tank, the Aeromotive fuel pump module for 2011-2017 Ford Mustangs is a direct drop-in unit with no drilling or fabrication required, retaining all OEM tank venting and jet siphoning with the use of both OEM sending units. 

Aeromotive’s Phantom Series drop-in fuel pump modules for Ford Mustangs are preassembled with the pump configuration of choice and are covered by Aeromotive’s limited one-year warranty. For more information:



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