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Carter Fuels Product Line with 73 New SKUs

Carter fuel pumps cover over 95% of domestic and import VIO.


Carter, a manufacturer of complete fuel system solutions, has aggressively expanded it’s already extensive line of fuel pumps.

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All of the new applications are quality engineered for the automotive aftermarket to meet or exceed OE standards for performance and durability. As part of the product design and verification process, Carter performs over 20 verification tests to ensure all fuel pumps meet demanding OE requirements.

“Our engineers have the experience and know-how of the rigerious testing needed to ensure Carter pumps deliver unrivaled performance and capabilities,” said Brent Berman, group director — repair products, TRICO Group. “That’s how Carter continues to expand coverage to more vehicles than ever before. These additional 73 SKUs cover over 13 million VIO (vehicles in operation) and includes popular models like Chrysler 300, Ford F-150, Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer, Infinity QX60, Hyundai Elantra and Nissan Sentra.”

Carter fuel pumps cover over 95% of domestic and import VIO. 

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