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Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank

This pump is found in the Ti Automotive brushless fuel pump system and is also used with the Injector Dynamics brushless system.

Brushless fuel pumps are quickly becoming the new solution for high-power applications that were previously required to use multiple brushed fuel pumps. What is a brushless fuel pump? Brushless fuel pumps are inherently larger than most traditional brushed pumps, which makes them more difficult to package into vehicle fuel systems.

Radium Engineering has been designing (and re-designing) products to make them compatible with the Ti Automotive E5LM brushless fuel pump. This pump is found in the Ti Automotive brushless fuel pump system BKS1000, and is also used with the Injector Dynamics BPC1100 brushless system.

The latest offering from Radium Engineering for the E5LM brushless pumps is a new design revision of the popular Multi-Pump Fuel Surge Tank (MPFST), easily identified by its large center fitting. This new 20-0443-00 variation of the MPFST allows anyone to take advantage of brushless fuel pump technology, regardless of their vehicle’s fuel tank setup.

The surge tank can hold one or two E5LM pumps (sold separately) and is E85 compatible. It is setup out of the box with a 8AN male for the main feed outlet and 6AN male for the other ports. These adapter fitting can be swapped for other sizes, which can be purchased separately.

This surge tank is setup out of the box with a 8AN male for the main feed outlet and 6AN male for the other ports. These adapter fittings can be swapped for other sizes, which can be purchased separately.  Wiring is handled with Radium’s proven hermetically sealed stainless steel electrical studs. This surge tank is also compatible with Radium’s unique fuel level switch, which alerts the driver should the fuel level start dropping in the surge tank. More details on the level switch can be found HERE.

One or two E5LM pumps can be installed inside the surge tank. These pumps DO NOT have check valves built into them, so Radium’s own uniquely designed check valves are included with the surge tank kit. These prevent back-flow when staging a second pump and keeps the system pressurized when the fuel pump(s) are shut off.

Both pumps feed into a single merged outlet, this simplifies plumbing for a cleaner installation. Inlet filters are used on the pumps to keep large debris out.

For more information on the Ti Automotive brushless pump system and Radium’s own in-house testing, CLICK HERE. The BKS1000 flows almost 600 LPH at 3 Bar pressure (43.5 psi) which is good for approximately 1,250HP on gasoline and 850HP using E85.
The Injector Dynamics BPC1100 drives the E5LM pump even harder and can make it flow up to 1,100 LPH from a single pump with no drop in flow as fuel pressure increases!

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