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Howell TBI Conversion Kits for 1974-1993 Dodge Ramcharger and Plymouth Trailduster SUV


Howell EFI now offers TBI kits to convert any first or second Generation Dodge Ramcharger or Plymouth Trailduster to throttle body injection for improved drivability, cold starting and fuel mileage in one plug and play system. Howell’s Chrysler TBI systems improve starting and idling with a more consistent tune that equates to improved fuel mileage and drivability. 

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Complete turnkey TBI conversion kits are now available for any first generation (1974-1980) or second generation (1981-1993) 4WD or 2WD Ramcharger SUV which includes the factory 5.2L 318 CID Magnum V8 small block or the factory option 360 cu in 5.9L V8 or the more powerful 7.2L 440 CID big block V8.

Matt Howell, Howell EFI President, says, “Whatever your Ramcharger is equipped with from the factory we have a TBI system that will make a significant difference that you will immediately notice and with gas prices as high as they are, this is a good time to invest in TBI for improved mileage.”

Each kit includes everything needed to convert early model Ramchargers from carb to TBI and is customized to work with vehicles with or without a modified engine or headers. The kits feature a remanufactured GM throttle body appropriate for the engine size, all sensors – MAP, coolant and oxygen, components, and a stand-alone wiring harness covered with an attractive black nylon braid for protection from abrasion and chemicals in addition to a diagnostic lead, oxygen sensor, under the dash installed ECM, fuel pump, clamps and one of three available size adapter plates. The weather resistant harness is also available in one of three lengths and includes a diagnostic connector similar to a 1987-92 GM pickup. The fuel pump installs into the main fuel line and bypass fuel is returned to the tank. The kit utilizes the OBDI GM diagnostic capabilities for scanning codes. Every Howell TBI kit allows for custom calibration PROM for the engine and no adjustments or tuning is needed to plug and play.


Howell takes pride in their attention to detail by offering options for vehicles with a heated oxygen sensor for headers, either a 2BBL or 4 BBL intake as well as popular aftermarket ignition systems – MSD or Vacuum Advance. Additionally, a 670 CFM 2BBL throttle body is an option with most of the available kits including the Universal V-8. All kits are guaranteed with a money back guarantee and come with full installation instructions and troubleshooting guide.

For more information about Howell TBI conversion kits, visit, or call Monday through Friday at 810.765.5100. To learn more online about installing a Howell TBI kit, view this video.

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