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Compound-Turbo 6.0L Powerstroke Engine

Did we expect to see a 1962 Ford Country Squire at a huge diesel racing competition? No. Were we inevitably hyped up when we saw one at the 2023 Ultimate Callout Challenge? Hell yes. This one has a beefy 6.0L Powerstroke swapped under the hood making it a kickass combo worthy of our Diesel of the Week!

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We love featuring the builds done by the 2023 Ultimate Callout Challenge competitors and those running in the ODSS series too. However, our weekend in Indy also included gawking over a real showstopper of a Ford Country Squire that was parked next to Kill Devil Diesel’s UCC booth! The remarkable 1962 Ford Country Squire housed a stunning compound-turbo 6.0L Powerstroke engine, making it one of the more unique vehicles we got to see at the event. Behind this automotive art piece is owner Kodie Boden, who graciously shared the story of this unique build.

Cody and her partner own Acme Gas and Oil in Temperance, MI, and they were in search of a unique vehicle that fit their Ford-loving family. The 1962 Country Squire they found in Washington state immediately caught their attention. Kodie expressed her initial desire for a ’59 Chevy wagon, but the allure of the Country Squire’s patina and vintage appeal was undeniable. They decided to maintain the original patina and clear-coated it to preserve its historic charm.

“A lot of people don’t believe us when we tell them, but we gloss-cleared it, wet-sanded it, then clear-coated it to keep the original look,” Boden says. “Even with the hood – it was just such a beautiful panel for artwork.”

Inside the vehicle, the restoration was no less impressive. Pete’s Garage in Taylor, MI, expertly handled the rear bench refurbishment, while the Lincoln LSS seats were equipped with full power features.

Under the hood lies the real gem – a compound-turbo 6.0L Powerstroke engine – built by our good friends at Kill Devil Diesel, who played a significant role in this project, serving as the primary sponsor. They hooked the engine up with Carrillo connecting rods and Jesel rockers among other performance upgrades.

Custom valve covers with the Boden’s shop logo were expertly crafted by Bean’s Diesel Performance. The engine boasts a compound turbo setup with a 64mm primary and a 480mm secondary. Warren Diesel provided 331/58mm hybrid injectors, and a custom FICM was placed in a non-standard location for the 6.0L Powerstroke.

Despite facing unforeseen challenges in 2020, Boden and her team made impressive progress and showcased their masterpiece at the SEMA Show and the Woodward Dream Cruise in 2021.

On the chassis dyno, the compound-turbo 6.0L Powerstroke performed admirably, reaching approximately 431 horsepower. Kodie acknowledged that certain limitations prevented them from achieving the desired boost levels at that time; she expects a range of 600-700 horsepower with proper boost levels.

Regarding the Country Squire itself, she emphasized the painstaking attention to detail. The vehicle boasts a custom full-frame chassis, a unique firewall, and an eight-lug independent rear suspension provided by Detroit Steel Wheels, which roll on top of an air ride system. Despite the modern enhancements, Kodie and her team ensured that the vehicle retained its nostalgic look, with functional comforts like air conditioning, power disc brakes, and operational windshield wipers.

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