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Speedmaster Chevy BBC 454 Downdraft 8 Stack EFI Intake Manifold System

Speedmaster®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance engine components, is set to debut its new Chevy BBC 454 Downdraft 8 Stack EFI Intake Manifold System with a higher state of tune and engine versatility at the 2023 SEMA Show. With tight air/fuel ratio control, this precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA style throttle body ensures optimal idle properties, quicker throttle response, and improved emissions and economy.

Product Features Include:

• Flash & Functionality: A harmonious blend of classic Weber style and the advanced efficiency of EFI.

• Comprehensive Kit: From the 8-throttle body injection style to the inclusion of fuel rails, Speedmaster ensures that users have what they need for installation.

• Innovative Linkage Set: With integrated throttle stops, idle controls, lever arms, and joiner/balancer, this set boasts a single-screw adjustment for precise calibration between the front and rear throttle shafts.

• Bell Crank Design: Incorporating a fully indexable eccentric cable pulley, this design ensures impeccable slow-speed drivability while maintaining full-throttle geometry.

• High-Quality Throttle Bodies: CNC machined from heat-treated 601 cast aluminum, these throttle bodies feature precision-machined butterflies, ensuring reliability and serviceability with O-ring seals on the lower mounting faces.

At a competitive price of USD $2,450.00, the Chevy BBC 454 Downdraft 8 Stack EFI Intake Manifold System epitomizes Speedmaster’s dedication to offering top-tier automotive solutions that seamlessly combine traditional style with advanced functionality.

To discover more about Speedmaster’s BBC 454 Downdraft 8 Stack EFI Intake Manifold System, visit Speedmaster at one of two locations at the 2023 SEMA Show. Speedmaster’s inside booth is located at #22753 in in Racing and Performance in the Central Hall, and the outside booth, #81020, is in the Silver Lot.

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