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Compound-Turbo “Shredder” 5.9L Cummins Engine

Like any sensible diesel guy, Chris Voorheis got a small taste of diesel performance and immediately wanted more. His 2006 Mega Cab went from a daily driver to a sled puller to now a formidable drag racing vehicle thanks to a compound-turbo "Shredder" 5.9L Cummins from Industrial Injection. Check out what went into the build!

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Chris Voorheis’ entry into the diesel world was somewhat spontaneous, fueled by the desire to pull his Jeep to Moab using a reliable 2006 Mega Cab. Working at a dealership, he knew the truck came with some issues, but this became an opportunity to turn it into something extraordinary.

“I enjoyed the heck out of it, and it’s like a drug to me,” Voorheis says of the diesel truck. “As soon as I had some horsepower underneath that truck, it excited me and I needed more.”

Lyle Richmond, owner of Daily Driven Performance, played a pivotal role in Chris’ diesel journey. The e-commerce shop based in American Falls, ID, provided support and sponsorship, enabling Chris to elevate his truck to new heights. Daily Driven Performance is known for offering a wide range of parts, from basic replacement to high-performance components.

Inspired by Lyle’s sled-pulling prowess, Chris transitioned his truck from a daily driver to a sled-pulling contender. After enjoying success in sled pulling, Chris then shifted his focus to drag racing. As such, Chris’ 2006 Mega Cab underwent significant transformations over the years.

Starting with a transmission build and an S360 turbo, the truck evolved into a full-on race-ready machine. He’s raced in multiple NHRDA events and plans on racing in the Ultimate Callout Challenge in 2024. The heart of Chris’ engine build is the Shredder series engine from Industrial Injection, featuring a 5.9L Cummins block. The unique Carrillo hybrid setup, with a longer stroke and shorter piston pin height, adds a distinctive touch to the build. The engine’s durability impressed Chris, surviving extensive use without showing signs of wear.

The turbo setup boasts an S488 with a GT55 110, both from Forced Inductions. Chris praises the ball-bearing characteristics of these turbos, especially the GT55, which exceeded expectations in terms of spoolability and performance. The fueling system includes Industrial Injection Cobra 400% over injectors, complemented by an Industrial 12mm pump and an Exergy 14mm pump.

Chris’ truck is equipped with a Nitrous Express Max 5 system featuring three kits of nitrous, each with .136 jets. The system’s efficiency, combined with the tuning prowess of Hardway Performance, allows Chris to achieve optimal spooling and power delivery with less nitrous and fuel.

Chris has achieved a personal best of 5.99 in the 1/8-mile and is gearing up for the Ultimate Call Out Challenge in 2024. Chris says he’s aiming for a top-five finish in his first UCC appearance. The build remains a work in progress, with plans for additional nitrous kits to meet the demands of the UCC competition.

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