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American Powertrain TREMEC Magnum XL 6-speed Transmission Conversion Kit

Designed for firm crisp shifting, improved gearing and power capacity for the 2010-2015 5th Gen Camaro V8.

American Powertrain, a distributor of TREMEC transmissions, now offers a TREMEC GM Magnum XL 6-speed transmission conversion kit for any 2010-2015 5th Gen Camaro (SS) equipped with a V8 engine. This kit can be purchased with a choice of two gear sets as a replacement for the TR-6060 and is rated at over 700 lbs./ft. torque with close to 8,000 rpm shift capacity. Developed as a performance upgrade, the Magnum XL transmission features a direct mounted shifter that replaces the old 6060 shifter linkage to improve shifting for lightning-fast gearing and acceleration, making it ideal for performance street applications and racing. 

transmission kit

American Powertrain’s new conversion kit includes an aluminum LS bellhousing, clutch kit, and bolt-in OE style hydraulic bearing with a correct fitting to the OE master cylinder, speedo harness, reverse lockout and back-up light harnesses, White Lightning shifter with the correct shifter offset to fit the factory shifter opening, 1350 yoke, rear driveshaft flange adapter, new driveshaft, crossmember spacers, and transmission mount. Optional parts include a Scattershield, billet steel or aluminum flywheel, twin disc clutch, extreme upgrade for the Magnum up to 1100 lbs./ft. of torque, and shifter ball and handle. 

The MAGNUM XL transmission with its extra-long tail housing is an aftermarket version of the TR-6060 that was widely used in modern muscle cars. The XL with its longer tail housing moves the shifter over 8” back from the original Magnum’s rear location. It has a unique shift isolator that improves dampening for a smooth precision shift feel and a rigid direct-mount shifter for quick, crisp shifting. Either gear set, part numbers, TUET18131 and TUET18132, can be paired with the American Powertrain’s Magnum XL conversion kit. 

Part Number  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev

TUET18131   2.66 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.80 0.63 2.90
TUET18132   2.97 2.10 1.46 1.00 0.80 0.63 2.90

For more information: or view this video, or call 931-646-4836.

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