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Steve Morris Engines Gets a Massive Delivery!

Steve Morris recently purchased a couple Rottler machines for his shop, and he took delivery of a new F69A machining center. Check this out!

The King of All Honing Machines?

During the 2022 PRI show, Steve Morris took the opportunity to get a run down of a Rottler H80 honing machine very similar to the one he just purchased. Check out what this Rottler can do!

How Heat Affects Clearances in a Block

Steve Morris Engines has a Lamborghini engine block in the shop and Steve demonstrates how heat can affect the clearances.

Check Your Camshaft Ramp Rates

Steve Morris Engines builds engines for Manny Alvarez of HPP Racing. Manny was recently telling Steve that one of his engines was breaking valvetrain components after just a couple runs. Steve had built him a different engine that had been super fast and super reliable, so Steve asked Manny to send the other engine back

How to Measure Pushrod Length

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris covers some tips and tricks to properly measure your pushrod length in your engine.

Billet Cylinder Head Repair

Following the 2022 Drag Week event, Steve Morris needed to repair one of the cylinders in Drag Week winner Tom Bailey’s Sick Seconds 2.0 drag car. Watch as he walks you through the process to get this head like brand new.

Billet Engine Block Repair Continued

Steve puts finishing touches on repairing his billet aluminum engine block for the wagon’s SMX engine.

Repairing a Billet Engine Block

After every connecting rod in Steve Morris’ SMX engine effectively crumbled, his SMX billet block was in rough shape. The question he was confronted with was whether to fix the block or not – he decided to make the necessary repairs. Watch below.

Worst Engine Carnage Ever? Part 2

Now that Steve has seen that his connecting rods effectively disintegrated, he tries to understand what might have happened. Steve breaks down the data from his run.

Worst Engine Carnage Ever? Part 1

Following Steve’s run at the Sick Shootout, he knew he had run into an engine issue. However, it wasn’t until he got the wagon back to the shop that he found a mass connecting rod exodus and some of the worst carnage he’s seen in his career.

Finishing Touches on the New SML Heads

Steve Morris Engines (SME) and the shop’s new Centroid CNC machine have completed the billet aluminum SML cylinder head. Now it’s time to mock up the SML engine!

Creating the SML Cylinder Head – Part 3

Steve Morris keeps hashing out the new SML cylinder head design on the Centroid CNC. Watch to see what makes this new cylinder head special and why the SML engine is special as well.