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Mechanical P Pump 7.3L Powerstroke Engine

As Ford Powerstroke fanatics, Unlimited Diesel Performance owners Nate Bailor and Ben Burnworth have constantly competed against Cummins power. To fight back, the diesel shop has pushed boundaries with their mechanical P pump 7.3L Powerstroke engine to the tune of 2,200 HP, and they’re not done yet. Find out what makes this engine tick!

Triple Turbo 6.7L Cummins Engine

Competing in the 2020 King of the Street for the first time, Unrivaled Diesel showed up to the diesel challenge with a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 and this triple turbo 6.7L Cummins under the hood. Find out what is in the build helping it make well over 2,000 hp!

Compound Turbo LB7 Duramax Engine

When it comes to Duramax engines, upping the ante has always been the name of the game for Wade Boyd of Diesel Day Dreams. After more than 15 years of progression, R&D and pushing the limits of the platform, Wade has once again raised the bar with his latest compound turbo LB7 Duramax engine aimed at 2,000 horsepower. Find out what went into the custom build!

Compound Turbo 6.4L Powerstroke Engine

Kody Garrison says the 6.4L Powerstroke is his favorite engine, and it must be, because this compound turbo 6.4L is the third 6.4L he has put in his 2008 F250. Find out what makes this build more special than the last two.

3.0 Class 6.6L Duramax Engine

Looking to take his pulling truck from the 2.5 class to the 3.0 class, Dan Paulhamus of Paulhamus Diesel Performance overbuilt this 6.6L Duramax engine for exactly that reason. Find out what went into the high-horsepower build.

Freedom Racing Engines Named Diesel Engine Builder of the Year

As so many of the best things do, a good-natured competition between brothers has developed into a successful growing business serving customers across the country. What started in a coal barn in “the middle of nowhere, IN” has grown in a short period of time into one of the most respected performance diesel engine building

GM DURAMAX V8 Diesel – The Next Small Block Chevy for the Diesel Hot Rodder?

If you look back into automotive history, hot rodding and performance upgrades for power are rooted in such V8 classics as the flathead Ford and small block Chevy. But when you look on the diesel side of history, most big torque power plants utilized the inline 6-cylinder configuration since near-perfect piston to rod angles create

Diesel Performance Head Gaskets

The stock head gaskets that are used in most light truck diesel engines are robust enough to handle peak combustion pressures in the 1800 to 2200 PSI range, but may not do so well at higher pressures if the engine has been tweaked to produce more power.

Building Performance Cummins Engines

The clouds of black smoke along with the whistling of the turbo bring out a new wave of spectators. It’s all about the rumble and feel from the massive foot pounds of torque, not the horsepower. Who would have ever thought that a diesel engine would gain respect in the world of performance? Now, it’s

aFe Diesel Performance Air Filters

Advance FLOW Engineering (aFe Power) offers a complete line of diesel performance air filters, intake systems, intercoolers, turbochargers, exhaust systems and accessories for GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford Power Stroke diesels. The complete aFe Power product line is available at Motor State Distributing for immediate shipment. www.motorstate.com.