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Supercharged 477 cid Hemi Engine

Just five years ago, Brandon Sandlian was pretty green to drag racing and engine building. Today, the opposite is true. In just a short amount of time, Brandon has committed to being among the best, and thanks to a 1953 Studebaker with a blown alcohol 477 cid Hemi engine, he’s winning races. Check it out.

Brandon Sandlian’s Supercharged 477 cid Hemi Engine

Brandon Sandlian is newer to the drag racing world, but don’t let that fool you! He’s built up a 1953 Studebaker, nicknamed Junkyard Stude, which has a Supercharged 477 cid Hemi engine capable of 3,000+ horsepower. Brandon and his Stude recently won the 2022 Builder’s Brawl, which is where we caught up with him to

1-on-1 with Drag Racer Felicia Smith

Felicia Smith was never a huge gear head growing up. However, following her first taste of speed at the track, she’s been living a life of cars and racing ever since. She’s taken the past six years to build up her now infamous, orange CTS-V known as 4DRRCKT, as well as her own car/engine skills

Hydrogen-Powered, Zero Emissions, Supercharged LS3 Engine

Zero emission vehicles are all the rage right now. However, if you’re into performance, the idea of not hearing an engine roar is gut-wrenchingly painful. Thankfully, guys like Mike Copeland exist. Mike’s companies, Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance, recently developed a supercharged LS3 engine that runs on hydrogen with zero emissions. Check it out!

Mike Copeland’s Hydrogen-Powered Supercharged LS3 Engine

Any time we get a chance to speak with Mike Copeland of Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance, we get excited to learn what new build he’s been working on. One of his newest was this hydrogen-powered and supercharged LS3 build for his wife’s 1948 Chevy pickup.

Weiand Supercharged 454 Big Block Chevy Engine

For people like Jason Schaefer, making horsepower and enjoying performance is more about being the right mechanic than having the right billfold. He showcases that mentality in his 1929 Ford hot rod, which is equipped with a supercharged 454 big block Chevy engine. Find out what helps this thing rip down the track!

Supercharged 427 Dart SHP Engine

Addicted to a need for speed, Felicia Smith has spent the past six years building up her 2009 Cadillac CTS-V nicknamed Rocket into a certified race machine. That’s largely thanks to a supercharged 427 cubic inch engine under the hood! See her burnout on the track!

Boosted M54 Straight-6 BMW Engine

Doing what every good gearhead did during the COVID pandemic, Steve Margossian spent two years boosting his M54 straight-6 BMW engine with both a supercharger and a turbocharger. Check it out!

Twin Supercharged 426 Hemi Engine

We caught up with Mike Copeland of Arrington Performance during the 2021 PRI show where he told us all about his new twin supercharged 426 Hemi build capable of 1,500 hp! Check it out.

Supercharged and Nitrous-Boosted LS7 Engine

We met up with Ray Lichtenberg at the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour during the first stop of the tour at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH. He showed us his LS7 engine he had just completed for his all-wheel-drive 1987 Buick that was parked at the Continental Tire booth.

Adding Power with Superchargers

Superchargers have been in the market for a long time and there is a large variety to choose from to suit every need, car and budget.