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Detroit Diesel has introduced itsnew DD13 engine. A smaller version of the DD15 engine, the DD13displaces 12.8L, and features a 6-cylinder, in-line configuration.

Designed for the less-than-truckload, regional distribution, andvocational markets, the DD13 will be offered in output and torquevariants from 350 to 450 HP and 1,350 to 1,650 lb.-ft., the companysaid.

The DD13 is the second in a series of all-new heavy-duty enginesfrom Detroit Diesel that will eventually cover three displacementcategories: 13L, 15L and 16L. Part of the Detroit Diesel engine family,the DD13 shares a common base engine design that will be leveraged on aglobal scale by Daimler Trucks.

“We have taken all of the lessons learned from our 70 years ofbuilding engines and applied this extensive history to our new engine,”said David Siler, director of marketing for Detroit Diesel. “The DD13 –which is truly a culmination of our experience and innovations –delivers what our customers want: economy, serviceability andperformance.”

Featuring many of the same technologies found in the DD15, butweighing 400 lbs. less, the DD13 provides up to five percent betterfuel economy when compared to the MBE 4000 (which it will bereplacing).

According to the maker, built to spend more time in top gear, theDD13 pulls strong down to 1,100 RPM, which results in increased fueleconomy. The DD13’s enhanced cooling system reduces fan on time –further contributing to the engine’s fuel-efficient design.

Another key feature is the engine’s electronically-controlledamplified common rail fuel system (ACRS) – a fuel delivery system thatworks in unison with Detroit Diesel’s DDEC VI engine management systemto deliver the exact amount of fuel needed at just the right moment,creating an optimal combustion event. Not only does this result in amore fuel-efficient engine, the maker said, it cuts NOx emissionswithout draining power.

“The DD13 is the only engine in its class to offer ACRS,” saidAdmir Kreso, director, HDEP Engineering for Detroit Diesel. “We areutilizing our proven technologies across the board to help ourcustomers save money.”

The DD13 can go further between routine service intervals than anysimilarly spec’d engine – up to 50,000 miles, according to themanufacturer. The engine was designed with convenience in mind – thecartridge-style filters (oil, coolant and fuel) are positioned abovethe frame rail, which makes service quick, easy and clean, and themaintenance-free crankcase breather further contributes to low cost ofownership.

“Many of the design features we included enable customers to easilyperform routine maintenance on their own,” said Siler. “This reducestime spent in the shop, off the road – and increases profitabilityduring this ever-so-competitive time in our industry.”

And, with 65 percent of the engine’s components being the exactsame as the DD15 – the DD13 offers unmatched parts availability.Detroit Diesel said its distribution network ensures that all of its800 plus North American parts and service outlets are stocked withgenuine Detroit Diesel parts. The common design between the DD15 andDD13 also ensures that trained and qualified technicians are alwaysavailable.

The DD13’s torque curve provides an extremely wide peak torquerange – up to 500 RPM wide. This allows drivers to easily find theDD13’s ‘sweet spot’ for optimum engine performance. In addition, anasymmetrical turbocharger results in less moving parts when compared toVGT or waste-gated turbocharger designs, creating a more reliable anddurable engine, the company said.

Other key engine features contributing to the all-aroundperformance of the DD13 include the Jacobs engine brake, which isintegrated into the engine and offers up to 546 BHP; a robust rear geartrain; and a ribbed cast iron block that lowers noise vibrationharshness (NVH).

The DD13’s design also allows for the smooth and seamlessintegration of BlueTec SCR technology for reducing emissions to meetEPA 2010 standards without compromising power, fuel economy orperformance.

The market launch of the DD13 will start with Sterling Trucks andFreightliner in 2009, followed by Western Star in 2010. It will bemanufactured at the Detroit Diesel plant in Redford, Mich.

Visit Detroit Diesel, a Daimler company, at


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