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Moroso BBC Gen V/VI Copo Drag Race Aluminum Wet Sump Oil pan

Moroso has introduced Part #20383, BBC GEN V/GEN VI COPO Drag Race 8″ deep, 7 quart, aluminum oil pan with a divided windage tray. Fits: Fits: COPO Camaro ’16-Up and rear sump applications (check measurements). It is fully fabricated from aluminum with billet end seals to ensure consistent sealing surface to billet front covers and rear main caps.

The Double kick-out design ensures up to 4.75″ stroke with aluminum rods, wide main cap clearance and maximum horsepower. The included solid louvered windage tray with main cap partitions for maximum power and oil control. For use with 168-tooth flywheel combination. The sump design works with Moroso spur gear and gerotor billet oil pumps. An O-ring magnetic drain plug is included.

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