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Summit Racing 2700 Series 92mm Turbochargers

Available in T4 and T6 styles, the Giant Slayer 92mm turbos have an oversized 103mm turbine wheel.

What’s new in the Summit Racing performance turbocharger universe? Two new 2700 Series ‘Giant Slayer’ S492 turbos with 92mm compressor wheels that make big horsepower. Like other 2700 Series turbochargers, the 92mm Giant Slayers are designed, machined and precision assembled in North America. They feature 3-D milled, 2618 billet forged compressor wheels for superior flow and dependability at high boost levels. The turbos also have 360-degree thrust bearings to improve durability at high-boost shaft speeds, plus a larger V2 race cover so the compressor side isn’t starved for air.

Available in T4 and T6 styles, the Giant Slayer 92mm turbos have an oversized 103mm turbine wheel. In fact, the T4 version is Summit’s highest mass-flowing T4-style turbo. Its special turbine housing and compact design was developed for people looking for easy four-digit, eight-second horsepower out of their present T4 turbo kits.

The T4 Giant Slayer is rated at 1,150 to 1,450 rear-wheel horsepower and the T6 turbo at 1,300 to 1,550 rear-wheel horsepower. Your exact horsepower figure may vary depending on engine modifications, transmission type, converter stall speed, and other factors.

Determining how much horsepower a turbocharger can add depends a lot on your engine configuration and its efficiency. You need to spec the turbocharger based on how responsive you want it, as well as the engine’s mass-flow requirements. A turbocharger producing 700 rear wheel horsepower on a a Toyota 2JZ at a moderate pressure ratio of 1.5:1 would not be the ideal one for your 454 cid big block Chevy. Comparing one turbo with another is pointless unless it is the same engine combination with controlled variables.

When Summit created its Turbocharger Specifications Chart, they decided to baseline power ratings on a drivetrain combination popular with many drag racers—a GM LS engine from 5.3L to 6.0L of displacement with stock-style cylinder heads backed by a TH-400 automatic transmission with a non-lockup torque converter.

If you have a similar combination, Summit is confident you can make horsepower in the ranges specified. Even if you run a totally different drivetrain setup, the ratings are very useful when comparing one Summit Racing Performance Turbo with another.

Summit also created a Turbo System Components Chart to help take some of the hassle out of piecing together the hot and cold sides of your turbo setup. It lists Summit Racing brand components for T4, T6, and V-band style turbos including:

• Downpipe flange and clamp adapters
• Compressor outlet flange/clamps
• V-band to slip-fit adapters
• Intake/exhaust transition tubing
• Hot side build kits (T4 and T6 only)
• Piston and diaphragm-style wastegates, blowoff valves, and boost control solenoid
• Turbine flanges (T4 and T6 only)
• GM LS turbo manifold for T4 turbos
• V-band to T4 flange adapters

The Turbocharger Specifications and Turbo System Components charts are listed under the “Instructions & Calculators” tab for each Summit Racing Performance Turbocharger listed on our website.


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