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Machine Maintenance: Sustaining Your Crew Includes Your Best Friend

Over the past few years, I’ve been writing about proper maintenance of the machines in your shop. This month, I plan to talk about maintaining something that’s not necessarily essential to your shop but if you have one, its value can’t be underestimated. You guessed it; this article will be about the maintenance of your

Fueling the Need for Performance Fuel Systems

Consider this – a high 10 second drag car will burn up one gallon of gasoline in 25 seconds or less, but a car that can run a 7 second E.T. will burn the same amount of fuel in half the time. The physics involved with fuel flow to create horsepower is difficult for even

Carburetor Tuning: A/F Mixture, Air/Fuel Equation

Now that the ignition spark timing advance curves are optimized for the blend of reformulated and/or oxygenated gasoline your customers are using we will now show you how we use tools such as a 5-gas exhaust analyzer and wideband Lambda air/fuel (A/F) meter to tune the mixture. The Air/Fuel Mixture A lean fuel mixture can

Still The Same Old Grind?

The market for crankshaft grinding has changed a great deal in recent years. With many passenger car and light truck engines now lasting upward of 200,000 miles, there’s much less demand for grinding crankshafts than there used to be. By the time the engine needs major work, the vehicle has often depreciated to the point

Get Ready For The Perfect Storm

Prior to $5 per gallon gas many of us wouldn’t have given the sport compact market a second thought. After 13 years of meteoric growth, the high performance sport compact market stalled, nosed over, and settled into a holding pattern. The Fast & Furious crowd just lost interest. The huge sport compact enthusiast books suffered

2008 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part II

Back in 2001, as you’re likely to remember, Automotive Rebuilder took the radical step of changing our identity to Engine Builder, the magazine you’re reading now. The decision to do so was not made lightly, but was the result of careful realization that we couldn’t be all things to everyone in the entire rebuilding industry.

Balance of Power (and Profit)

One of the keys to a smooth running, long lasting engine is proper balance of the reciprocating and rotating parts. When a crankshaft is out of balance, the uneven distribution of weight can generate centripetal forces that shake the engine with increasing intensity as engine rpm goes up. Centripetal force (which many people mistakenly call

Machine Shop Market Profile – Part 1

When life starts handing out lemons, say the feel-good self-help gurus, the smart money is on the person who not only makes lemonade but figures out a way to sell it for a profit. While the readers of Engine Builder might be hard-pressed to find time to manage a lemonade stand, the analogy still applies:

Ram Tough Rebuild

The B-series Cummins engine may potentially go down in history as the single most important engine development project, strategic market share gain and opportunity for diversification partnerships in Cummins history. The Cummins B-series is a family of four- and six-cylinder inline engines known as the “one-liter per cylinder” in both the popular 3.9L four-cylinder and

Engine Sealing Technology

Since the days of sealing engines with asbestos, cork, rope and paper are, for the most part, ancient history, new-age materials and designs have elevated the critical role gaskets and seals play in the longevity of an engine. Finding the optimum sealing material and design remain a challenge many gasket manufacturers face as engines are

CSI: Engine Bearings: When Good Bearings Go Bad

Engine bearings have the dual function of reducing friction between a rotating part of the engine (the crankshaft) and the stationary part (the main caps and engine block) and supporting the crank. Because of the stresses caused by the explosions inside the internal combustion engine, the bearing material must be extremely strong, so a durable