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2004 Cummins 5.9L Common Rail Rebuild

Rebuilding tips on a 2004 Dodge Cummins 5.9L Common Rail diesel engine.

How to Port and Polish High Performance V8 Heads

At look at the dos and don’ts of porting and polishing high performance V8 heads.

Distributor Installation Tips

Properly installing your distributor involves a little bit more than just stabbing it in and setting the timing. Here’s how to check the distributor depth to make sure you don’t cause premature wear.

2015 Search for a Champion Winning Entry Video

Watch the video that won 20-year-old drag racer Carly Jo Ellingson the $50,000 sponsorship from Champion Spark Plugs.

Miniature Flathead V8 Fires Up

This miniature flathead Ford is a 1/3 scale Ardun-headed V8 that’ll rev to 10,000 rpm. Its internals feature pistons smaller than half dollars and spark plugs the size of a thumbnail.

How to Remove VW 1.9 TDI Diesel Injectors

How to remove Injectors from a VW Golf 1.9 TDI PD Engine

Five of the Best Sounding Engine Notes

Happy Friday! These five engines make sweet, sweet music.

1,500 HP Turbo Mustang Runs 8-Second Quarter Mile

This Mustang is a freak of nature pushing out more than 1,500 hp. The car uses an improvisation of Ford’s 5.0L Coyote V8.

2015 NASCAR Engine Rule Changes

Doug Yates CEO of Roush Yates Racing Engines, explains the new rule changes coming to NASCAR to make it more exciting for fans and teams in 2015.

ACCEL IT Visits a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Jenny and the folks at ACCEL want to hook your ride up with upgrades under the hood. Watch ACCEL IT install some new gear on this 1972 Chevelle.