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October 2014 Shop Solutions

Using Vaseline, grease, white lead or dense lubricants such as engine oil, vegetable oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, castor oil, vegetable shortening and silicon spray IS NOT ­RECOMMENDED for a liner seal ­lubricant. Currently, aftermarket suppliers recommend using a soapy water solution.

Answers to FAQs About Engine Programmers

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just drop in a magic “chip” and your car or truck suddenly takes on NASCAR-like qualities – able to accelerate quicker or even achieve better gas mileage. Too good to be true? Not necessarily, as owners of a dizzying array of vehicles already enjoy improved performance and economy by installing a

MagnaFlow to Hold Training Seminar at SEMA

This class is designed to solve some of the problems incurred when modifying an exhaust.

DeatschWerks Subaru Top Feed Upgrade and Top Feed Conversion Fuel Rail Kits with Injectors

This kit eliminates the poorly designed OE rails that allow cylinder-to-cylinder pressure variances.

Knocking Out a Honda 3.5L V6 Knocking Noise

A knocking or ticking noise on some Honda 3.5L V6 engines occurs when the rocker shaft bridge has excessive clearance from the factory.

Sunnen Introduces Digital SH-4000 Honing Machine

The horizontal SH-4000 introduces servo-precise, digitally repeatable performance, intuitive touchscreen HMI, infinite part program storage, larger workpiece capacity and operator-friendly safety features.

“Commer Knocker” May Be Weirdest Engine Design Of The Last 50 Years

Whenever we see an unusual engine in a car or truck, it tends to get our attention. With most of today’s vehicles having either in-line or V configuration gasoline or diesel engines, there isn’t a whole lot of variation. However, this wasn’t always the case. The early 1900s saw a myriad of crazy and almost

The Sweeney Automotive and Tractor School

Emory Sweeney founded the Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School, in May of 1908 in Kansas City, MO with just five students enrolled. Started on a shoestring, the enrollment fees collected from the first five students were used to rent a building and buy teaching supplies for a month.

Must Have Shop Tools & Measuring Equipment

You can’t do quality work in an automotive machine shop if you don’t have the right tools and measuring equipment. “Must have” tools and equipment include those that are necessary for engine disassembly, for inspecting and measuring engine components, and for engine assembly.

Ford’s Power Stroke Powerplants

The biggest question heard from ­customers is, “Why did Ford replace the 7.3L with the 6.0L?” There are good reasons as to why the 7.3L Power Stroke had to be removed from service and these reasons brought about many changes in the Power Stroke platform.

Head Surfacing and Straightening

Clean, smooth and flat have always been requirements for proper head sealing whether you are building a stock engine or a monster motor for a ProStock drag car. Head gaskets can only accommodate so much distortion and roughness across the face of the cylinder head and deck. Resurfacing the desk surface on a cylinder head and/or engine block should restore flatness and achieve the required smoothness.

The Origin of ‘Coal Rolling’ and the Story of Diesel’s Evolution

The diesel engine replaced steam engines that were being used in locomotives and ships. The diesel engine also became widely known for its use in submarines, stationary power plants and trucks. In the last 100 years, the diesel engine is credited as the modern day workhorse, as there is an abundance of high torque at low RPM.