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Supercharged 477 cid Hemi Engine

Just five years ago, Brandon Sandlian was pretty green to drag racing and engine building. Today, the opposite is true. In just a short amount of time, Brandon has committed to being among the best, and thanks to a 1953 Studebaker with a blown alcohol 477 cid Hemi engine, he’s winning races. Check it out.

Brandon Sandlian’s Supercharged 477 cid Hemi Engine

Brandon Sandlian is newer to the drag racing world, but don’t let that fool you! He’s built up a 1953 Studebaker, nicknamed Junkyard Stude, which has a Supercharged 477 cid Hemi engine capable of 3,000+ horsepower. Brandon and his Stude recently won the 2022 Builder’s Brawl, which is where we caught up with him to

Holley Gen III Hemi Mid-Sump Oil Pan

The cast aluminum construction and integrated windage tray on the oil pans, combined with o-ring sealing, provide an attractive, leak-free solution for your engine swap.

Plazmaman Hemi Gen III Billet Intake

Featuring high-flow billet fuel rails, Plazmaman’s Gen III intake is suitable for the 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L new Gen engines.

Hemi -2K Series for 6.2L and 6.4L Engines

This Hemi piston features a multitude of many new features.

Turbocharged Gen III Hemi Engine

As a Chrysler guy, Bob Hess always wanted to put a Gen III Hemi into a Ford. When he got this 1982 Mustang as a roller, he worked alongside Big 3 Racing to turn it into a formidable drag car and street car. Check out what makes this Hemi special!

Turbocharged Gen III Hemi-Powered 1982 Ford Mustang

We couldn’t just walk past this gorgeous 1982 Ford Mustang without taking a few extra looks at it, and upon closer inspection, we found out it has a Gen III Hemi engine stuffed inside. Turns out owner Bob Hess is a Chrysler guy and has always wanted to put a Hemi in a Ford, so

Blown 540 cid Hemi Engine

Jarrad Scott and his 1962 Ford Ranchero named Bitchin’, are no strangers to drag-and-drive events. Nor are they strangers to winning in the A/Gas class. That’s all thanks to a well-built car with an impressive, blown 540 cid Hemi engine! Check out what’s under this hood!

Jarrad Scott’s Blown 540 Hemi Engine

Jarrad Scott and his 1962 Ford Ranchero nicknamed Bitchin’ are no strangers to drag-and-drive events. We caught up with him at Sick Week 2022 to find out more about his blown 540 cid Hemi engine that consistently puts Jarrad in contention in the A/Gas class. Engine of the Week is brought to you by Elring

Shawn Fink’s Twin-Turbo 526 cid Hemi Engine

Originally an engine that Jeg Coughlin used in 2005 for his Pro Mod program, this 526 cid Hemi engine was built by Sonny’s Racing Engines and now has a home in Shawn Fink’s 1955 Chevy 210 Belair. With twin 94mm turbos, this high-horsepower Hemi-style engine competes in drag-and-drive events. Check it out!

Twin 94mm Turbo 526 Hemi Engine

Walking the pits of Sick Week, Shawn Fink’s orange, 1955 Chevy stood out – especially with its twin-turbo 526 Sonny Leonard Hemi engine. Shawn ran us through the setup after running a 6-second pass!

Naturally Aspirated 709 cid All-Billet Hemi Engine

James “Doc” McEntire’s 1968 Chevy Camaro nicknamed “See Red” features a 709 cubic inch all-billet Hemi engine built by Goodwin Competition, which competes in the naturally aspirated class of drag-and-drive events across the country. It’s a naturally aspirated car in a power adder world, but that’s not stopping Doc from his winning ways. Check out this awesome engine!