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Chris Varni’s Orange Crush – Turbocharged 400 cid SBF Engine

If you’re familiar with the Street Outlaws No Prep competition, chances are you’ve seen a 1988 Fox Body Mustang called Orange Crush. Driven by Chris Varni, Orange Crush features a 400 cubic inch small block Ford engine under the hood built by Nick Dixon and the guys at Pro Street Engines in San Antonio, TX.

Supercharged 331 cid Small Block Ford Engine

After a liver transplant left Lonnie Smith with more time on his hands than he knew what to do with, he decided to build another hot rod. He found this ’88 Ford Ranger GT in Kentucky and has spent the last 13 years modifying it. The latest addition is a supercharged 331 cid small block Ford engine. Check it out!

New Dart SHP Series heads

Based on the popular 23° valve angle configuration, this cylinder head features a revised port design to deliver significant power improvements at budget-friendly affordability.

ZSR’s 438 Small Block Ford Engine

Looking to break out with an engine shop all his own, Zach Smith wanted to make sure his shop would have a niche market. He chose to build only Ford engines since those were the powerplants his family always raced with. Zach and his wife Tori opened ZSR Engines in 2015. The shop was initially

393 Small Block Ford with Hemi Heads

Having had experience in engine dyno competitions before, Greg Brown felt confident in his abilities to compete at the inaugural Race Engine Challenge. He had left Jon Kaase, after 13 years in 2016, to start Hammerhead Performance Engines in Snellville, GA. Looking to win the Race Engine Challenge, Brown began building a small block Ford

4.600˝ Bore Small Block Chevy Engine

Dave Visner of Visner Engine Development saw some shortcomings with small block Chevys, and noticed that there was a market for big cubic inch small block Chevys. In response, he developed this 4.600˝ bore space small block Chevy engine package as a very viable racing set up for fast racing applications. With some small block

Lakewood Bellhousings for Small Block Fords

Designed as a compact, lightweight option for transmission swaps, these bellhousings use a 157-tooth flywheel, 10.5-inch clutch and can use hydraulic or cable actuation.

Supercharged 363 Small Block Ford Engine

Going into a customer’s Fox Body Mustang, this supercharged 363 small block Ford engine was built by Prestige Motorsports to the tune of more than 1,100 horsepower. Featuring a Holley Hi-Ram, a Vortech YSI blower and a Concept One pulley kit, find out what else makes this build special.

427 Small Block Ford Nitrous Engine

Looking for a new engine in his ’65 Ford Falcon bracket car, a customer came to IMM Engines to build 650 horsepower. Shop owner Brian Hafliger delivered a 427 small block Ford capable of nearly 700 hp N/A and 1,000 hp on nitrous. Find out what went into the build!

Meth-Injected 427 Small Block Ford Engine

A custom engine build that Adam Hartwig of Hartwig Performance Engines, LLC recently did was a methanol injected 427 small block Ford for his own ‘86 Foxbody Mustang. His ‘86 Foxbody Mustang did have an already engine in it, but it just wasn’t enough horsepower. Adam went back to the drawing board and came up

Methanol Injected 427 Small Block Ford Engine

Looking to add more horsepower to his ’86 Foxbody Mustang bracket car, Adam Hartwig went to the drawing board and came up with a unique engine set up. It was this methanol injected, blown 427 small block Ford engine. Find out what went into the custom build.

383 Small Block Chevy Engine

As part of a full restoration of an original ’73 Z/28 Camaro, Robbie Capps, owner of Capps Performance Engineering, built this 383 small block Chevy engine to make the car really come alive. We dive into the details of the high-end build in this Engine of the Week.