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At one time, if you wanted big horsepower in your Mopar muscle car or truck, your choices were limited to a big-block swap or a coveted Hemi. At the very least, you needed different engine mounts, K-members, transmissions, headers, etc. – and Hemis have never been cheap!

But now there’s another way to get more horsepower: boring and stroking your Mopar small-block to get more cubic inches – up to 476 cubes!

The small-block Mopar is one of the easiest engines in which to increase displacement without extensive modifications or specialized machine work; the engine was practically designed for more cubes!

webmoparbookThis book shows you how to get that big-cube power, and then it shows you how to optimize the small-block’s other systems — induction, heads, valvetrain, ignition, exhaust, and more — to make the most of the extra cubic inches.

Author Jim Szilagyi served as a performance specialist for Dodge ­Motorsports and Mopar Performance Parts. In this book, he covers building big-inchers from Mopar 318/340/360 ci LA or Magnum ­­5.2L/5.9L engines, using both factory and aftermarket parts.

If you want to make big power from your Mopar small-block, this is the book for you.

Publisher: CarTech:
Paperback: 144 pages          Photos: black and white.
Dimensions: 8.5000″ x 11″   Product Code: SA104P  (In Stock)

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff